Pen & Ink Drawing Template 1: A Walk in the Woods

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Click here to download the finished drawing and template as PDF file that you can print. You will need Acrobat Reader to open PDF file. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, click on the drawings below and save the image to print.

Template 1: A Walk in the Woods

Here is my finished drawing:









Here is the Lightened Template:

A Walk in The Woods_light

Following are the kind of strokes used in this drawing and suggestions around their usage:


From a distance, small swirls can be used to indicate leaves. Orient them in different direction to give the right feel. You can turn the paper to put swirls in different direction if that is convenient. Also make the swirls different sizes (but not too big). To bring out the feeling of volume, make small areas darker than the surrounding (shadow part). Following is a close up of swirl/leaves. As you can see, I have used different ‘type’ of swirls (in size and shape, some are simple marks) to avoid uniformity. Let your creative self flow and enjoy putting down these “leaves”.

swirls_close up

Here is how these swirls take the form of leaves from a distance. Also notice that some areas are darkened to indicate shadow and give volume to the leaves.



Trees and their bark can be depicted in many ways with pen and ink. Following 2 approaches are used in this drawing:

  1. Lines Across the tree trunk: This is the simplest way in which you draw a line from one end to the other to indicate the round shape of the trunk. Don’t make the lines very horizontal but slightly curved as you can see below to bring out the shape. Also to indicate volume, you need to darken one end more compared to the other. For this, simply draw another set of short lines on the side you need to darken. Following is how it would look at the end. You can also put some ‘marks’ in the trunk to bring out the texture of bark more. Don’t attempt to make it ‘neat’. Just flow with your strokes and lines and enjoy the process.


2.  Lines to indicate bark: In this approach, lines are drawn on the trunk to indicate bark. Again, one side should be darkened to indicate the volume. Just follow the lines in the template to bring out the texture.



For ground, use the same swirls you used for leaves on the trees but this time put them in the same direction horizontally to indicate ground covered with the leaves. As shown below, it is always important to have variation in “tones” (light and dark) to give drawing sense of depth and volume.


This should get you started. Most importantly, have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment with different marks and tones. The goal is to have fun and spend  time in creative pursuits.  Do feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance or further guidance.

Have fun,

Rahul Jain

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