Template 2: Woods Beckon Me

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Click here to download the finished drawing and template as PDF file that you can print. You will need Acrobat Reader to open PDF file. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, click on the drawings below and save the image to print.

Here is my finished drawing:

Here is the Lightened Template:

Following are the kind of strokes used in this drawing and suggestions around their usage:


To depict grass, use short vertical lines, that are not completely vertical but at an angle and also slightly curved. Also start a group of them from a common base to denote root and thus a lump of grass. Also observe following points:

  1. Mix different length of grass, from bit longer lines/grass to very short stubble to introduce variety.
  2. Darken some areas to introduce interest. To darken, simply add more lines
  3. You can also add a small black mark at the top to indicate flower etc. from a distance.

Study the close ups below and also observe how it is done in the finished drawing. Keep your strokes loose and enjoy the process.



Tree Foliage:

To depict the foliage of a dense tree, add darks depicting shadows. The mind will then interpret light/white area as leaves/foliage in bright sun. For this technique to work, following points need to be observed:

  1. The shape of the bottom of the dark should indicate leaves in shadow. The shape that works well for this is a very shallow U at a downward angle.
  2. Use the strokes you used for grass to add darks in shallow U shape, i.e. slightly curved lines going up
  3. Add more darks in some areas to make it interesting

Study the following close ups and also the finished drawing for better understanding. And Practice.

tree foliage_2

tree foliage_1


Tree Trunks:

To indicate tree trunks, draw slightly curved lines across as shown below. To indicate volume, one end should be more darker. To do so, simple draw more lines in that end. You can also add other marks as shown in close up below to give it more interest.




This should get you started. Most importantly, have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment with different marks and tones. The goal is to have fun and spend  time in creative pursuits.  Do feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance or further guidance.

Have fun,

Rahul Jain

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