Mini Landscapes

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The purpose of these ‘mini landscapes’ is to further help you practice drawing elements of nature and to show how quick and simple landscapes can be drawn by combining few of them. These are really fun to draw as they can be quickly done in  relatively small amount of time and really help to build confidence in initial stages of learning and drawing. These will hopefully motive and inspire you to  further practice drawing. After attempting these, you can try Level 1 landscapes. Please consult tutorials if you haven’t done so to learn how to draw elements of nature used in these mini landscapes.

The size of a drawing matters in pen and ink as certain details are plausible only at certain size. Most of these mini landscapes were draw at approximately 5 by 4 inches and in the PDF template file, the drawings are sized approximately to the original size at which they were drawn when printed on letter size paper.

I have combined them in different groups based on their focus and level of technique involved.

Group 1:

Click here to download the templates in PDF that you can use to practice drawing following mini landscapes.

Group 2:

Click here to download the templates in PDF for the following mini landscapes.

Group 3:

Click here to download the templates in PDF for the following mini landscapes.

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