My Thoughts on Morning Solace

Morning Solace

Morning Solace

What I like about pen and ink, one thing that really attracts me to this medium is the subtle contrast that can be achieved with pen and ink. By ‘subtle contrast’, I mean the inter play of light and shadow that gives a ‘glow’ to the surrounding. This glow sets an ambience for the surrounding and engulfs it with a certain mood and feeling. It attracts and invites the viewer to be part of the scene and immerse them in the feeling. If you have seen my other work, you will notice that I really like to make use of ‘subtle contrast’ in many of my drawings to set the mood. In this drawings, I used it to set an atmosphere of ‘radiance’.

The arch is used in the composition to guide the viewer’s eyes to the Sun. The relative darkness of Arch makes the water and cloud against it pop out and gives prominence to and makes eye travel to the far out Sun and distant horizon. The trees on either side balance the composition and provide further contrast against the sky. On the grass, I created a pattern of light and shade to bring out the ‘glow’ and make the viewers ‘feel’ the Sun in the dappled light. Sitting boy was added to add another focal point and also to¬†create more interest in the drawing. I find that adding a human figure, how ever small, make people connect more with the drawing as they imagine them self as that person and the point of view of that figure becomes their point of view. This is why human figures in my landscape drawings are usually looking out to the scene that I want viewers eyes to travel to. I also try to use different pen strokes and textures in my drawings to give it more interest. In this drawing, different strokes and textures used for different elements I think add to the appeal of the drawing.


Overall, I am quite happy with this work. This is part of my ‘morning series’ where I am experimenting to capture the subtle, magical feel of morning Sun. Colour is usually an inherent part of art dealing with morning sky and Sun light, but being a pen and ink purist, I want to see if I can capture that special feel with black ink using pure pen lines only. I feel that this work has that intensity and that is the goal of all my work, an intensity that captures and draws viewer in and make them¬†connect with it at a deeper level, even if only for a moment.



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