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  1. Wonderful set of drawings… I am also a user of pens for drawing/sketching. I have being at it since last year and I would like to improve but I know it comes from practice and learning for people with higher skills and talen. You are a great example of that. if I may ask, what kind of paper do you use?

    I am trying to concentrate in grey inks for fountain pens, as I sketch with fountain pens.

    • Hi Nidia,
      Thanks for the wonderful words. Indeed, it is practice that is key to improving. Regarding paper, I use Strathmore 11 by 14 inch Mix Media paper, vellum (smooth) surface. At 140 lb. (300 g/m2) weight, it is very sturdy and I can also occasionally use knife to lift off some ink for minor corrections. I would highly recommend it though it might be bit pricey for quick sketches and practice drawings. For that purpose, I use Canson Mix Media 5.5 by 8.5 inch spiral sketchpad. Hope this helps.

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