Pen and Ink Drawing Templates

Below you will find pen and ink drawing templates that can be printed and used to practice pen and ink drawing. These are lightened version of my original pen and ink drawings in which lines are faintly visible. Just print them and practice doing these simple pen and ink drawings with a good quality gel pen or fine markers. You will also find links to appropriate content where instructions on pen stroke to use and their manner of usage is provided. Instructions are provided in the template as well.

If you want to learn pen and ink drawing, do check out my FREE tutorials, my pen and ink workbooks and other step by step pen and ink drawing posts. You can also Subscribe to get my weekly step by step pen and ink drawing post.

Drawing Old Roots: Post, Template

pen and ink drawing 9

Drawing Tree Bark: Post, Template

easy pen and ink drawing 12

Drawing an Old Stump: Post, Template

easy pen and ink drawing 8

Drawing a Waterfall: PostTemplate

easy pen and ink drawing step 8.gif

Drawing Snow Peaks: Post, Template

Drawing Snow Covered Pine Trees: Post, Template

snow covered pine tree landscape in pen and ink

Interested in learning to draw pen and ink landscapes? Try my workbooks...You won't find an easier way to be successful at this wonderful activity. Check out their FREE Previews

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