Step by Step: Drawing Quick and Easy Landscape in Pen and Ink

Easy pen and Ink Drawing“What can I draw from my imagination in the limited time I get from my busy schedule without any prior drawing experience”

This is a question I often get asked and one that newcomers to art are often confronted with. In this page, I will describe a pleasing landscape that can be done quickly using simple steps. All you need is a good gel pen, a paper and a positive attitude. Drawing is not just for ‘artists’. Every one of us can engage and enjoy this creative pursuit even with our limited time.

I have also written a series of workbooks to get anybody started drawing pen and ink landscapes. You can find more information on them here. Vol 6 of the workbook series covers the steps described below in detail with lot of additional content.

Here is a pleasing landscape that we will learn to draw step by step in this page. The key elements of the drawing are highlighted below and in different steps, we will see how these elements can be easily drawn.

easy pen and ink drawing

Step 1: Draw Horizon

First step is to draw the horizon in the shape of a flattened U using broken line as shown below.

step 1 easy pen and ink drawing

Step 2: Drawing Surface Contours:

Horizon line drawn in step 1 indicates far out. In front of it lies the middle and foreground. The contour or surface shape of this area is next indicated by using curved parallel lines as shown below. These simple contour lines transforms a blank white space into pleasing indication of ground form.

step 2 easy pen and ink drawing

Step 3: Indicating Ground Cover (Grass):

Grass is next drawn on these contour lines using small curved lines as shown below. Together with contour lines, this completes the drawing of ground.

step 3 easy pen and ink drawing

Step 4: Drawing Distant Tree Line:

A distant tree line on horizon adds lot of visual interest and with its darker tone provides a nice contrast and a focal point for our eyes to rest. This is drawn next.

step 4 easy pen and ink drawing

Step 5: Drawing Background Element:

Furthest out behind the distant tree line is the backdrop of a hill or a mountain. A backdrop like a hill below provides a very pleasing focal point for our eyes to rest as they travel from the foreground to background. A house, a church or any other such element can further be added at the top of the hill to add further interest.

step 5 easy pen and ink drawing

Step 6: Finishing with Sky:

Sky is finally added to set the mood of the drawing. This contrast from lighter foreground surface to darker distant element and hills to again lighter sky makes the drawing appealing and draws viewers interest.

step 6 easy pen and ink drawing

This completes this overview of drawing quick and easy pleasing pen and ink landscapes. For more details on strokes and other considerations for drawing different elements covered above you can visit my completely free Tutorials page, or better yet, get the following pen and ink drawing workbook from Amazon.

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