Step by Step: Drawing Grass and Wild Flowers in Pen and ink

Doing a pleasing drawing with grass and wild flowers is very fun and easy to do with pen and ink and in this page, we will see how to do it.

Grass and some kind of ground cover is part of any landscape but it is a pleasing drawing in of itself. Pen lines are ideally suited to depiction of grass, bushes etc and they can be quickly drawn with few simple strokes and once you understand them, you will be able to do such drawings in between your breaks and enjoy quick creative breaks.

Simple Strokes for Ground Cover:

Following are the type of strokes to use to indicate grass, wild flowers etc. They essentially consists of small curved lines with a ‘root’ in different sizes and orientations. Small dark oval can be used to indicate a flower as well.

simple grass strokes for pen and ink drawing

Drawing a Simple Ground Cover:

Use above strokes in different orientations and sizes (decreasing as it goes out) to quickly draw a pleasing drawing as shown below.

simple pen and ink drawing

Make the base a bit dark as shown above. Small open loops and tick marks as shown above can be used as well.  Following are some additional examples.

simple pen and ink drawing 2.pngsimple pen and ink drawing 4


simple pen and ink drawing 3simple pen and ink drawing 5.png

There is no limit to such small fun drawings that you can do. With just few strokes, you can draw one as well. All you need is a pen and a paper. Try them now.

These and other approaches to doing quick and easy landscapes are covered in vol 6 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks series. If you have never drawn before and would like to learn to draw pleasing pen and ink landscapes, I invite you to try them.

You can also visit my completely free Tutorials page for more pen and ink drawing tutorials.

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