Step by Step: Drawing Quick Mountains with Pen and Ink

Drawing a Quick Mountain:

Mountains hold our imagination and though most of us can draw the outline of mountains, many of us struggle to properly indicate the inside texture of mountains to give them a ‘personality’. In the post, I will describe a very simple method of texturing the inside of mountains which can be used to draw quick pleasing mountains any time from imagination.

How to texture a mountain:

One simple technique is to use small tapered parallel lines, also called ‘contour lines’, as shown below. These line indicate a ‘plain‘ and by using them in different sizes and orientation, a feel of plains at different angles can be indicated which very effectively conveys a feel of mountain.

easy pen and ink drawing 7

Using the above such ‘contour lines’, a mountain outline can be textured as shown below.

Step 1: Draw an outline

Start with a generic mountain outline.

easy pen and ink drawing 1.png

Step 2: Add Bigger Contour lines

Use the above shown contour lines in the body of mountain. Use different sizes and orientation with bigger towards the centre. Note how such lines effectively indicate a plain in the body of the mountain.

easy pen and ink drawing 2

Step 3: Add smaller contour lines

Use more such contour lines to take away excess white. A tree line at the base of mountains and grass on the ground leading to mountains further add visual interest.

easy pen and ink drawing 3

Step 4: Darken the edges irregularly

Make the edges irregular by darkening them in the manner shown below. This gives more perception of depth.

easy pen and ink drawing 9.png

Darken the edges in this manner irregularly.

easy pen and ink drawing 4.png

Step 5: Adding small tick marks and dots

Add small dots and ticks to further take away white and give desired tone to the mountain.

easy pen and ink drawing 8

Use such marks to finish texturing mountain.

easy pen and ink drawing 5.png

Step 6: Adding Sky

Addition of Sky gives a nice backdrop to mountains and can be easily done using simple stroke shown below.

easy pen and ink drawing 6.png

This is a very versatile technique and small sized mountains can be quickly drawn using it. Following are some more examples.

easy pen and ink drawing 10.png

All you need to draw such mountains is a pen and a paper. Try one today.

This and other techniques for drawing mountains are discussed in detail in Vol 4 and Vol. 6 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks. If you want to learn drawing pleasing pen and ink landscapes, I invite you to try them today. They are available for only $6 from Amazon.

Do feel free to forward this to others who might be interested in learning to do such drawings. Also any share on your social media would help spread the work and get more people drawing and that would be a good thing.

Happy Drawing,


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