How to Draw a Rose

In this post we will learn to draw a rose. Compared to other flowers, rose is not an easy flower to draw due to its intricate petal structure. Drawing an effective outline of rose is often the most difficult part. Below I show how to do this in step by step manner which helps to understand the right order of adding petals to get the right outline. Outline of a rose bud is much easier to draw and is shown as well. Try it today and feel immense satisfaction when getting it right after few attempts.

Step 1: Draw the Outline

Study the image below to understand how to add petals to create the outline. Always try to visualise which parts of a petal are visible and proceed in that manner.

Step 2: Texturing Rose

Contour lines are used to give form to curved petals of rose. Study how the contour lines on different petals follow the curvature of petal. Click to see details.

Next, use another set of contour lines to darken parts of petal receiving less light. This further brings out the form.

Finally dots are used to texture underside of petals to finish this drawing of rose.

Here is another drawing of rose with similar outline where hatching lines are used. Top of petals is also left white to indicate sunlight catching them.

This completes this tutorial on drawing a rose. Use the template to practice texturing with contour lines as discussed above. Once you are comfortable with it, then you can attempt to draw your own outline in steps discussed earlier. If you want to tackle something simpler, you can check out tutorials on drawing other flowers.

Happy Drawing,


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