How to Draw Calla Lily

In this post I will show how to draw Calla Lily. It is really fun to draw as its outline can be relatively easily drawn and the curved form of its single petal when properly textured gives it a striking appearance. ‘Soft’ broken lines are used for outline and dots and ticks for texturing as discussed here.

Step 1: Draw the Outline:

The curved form with a lip of its petal looks very appealing. Using the following steps, it can be easily drawn. Click on the image to see details.


Step 2: Texture

Texture by using dots to give a base tone and using ‘soft’ broken contour lines to give form to the flower as shown below.

Notice the direction of ‘soft’ contour lines to give form to the visible top and lip below.

Dots are used to create darker areas to bring out the curved form of the flower. This completes the drawing.


Following is view from top of calla lily. This is another interesting view of this flower.

Use following steps to draw this view of calla lily.



This completes this tutorial on drawing calla Lily. This is a very fun flower to draw and to practice putting down contour lines. Use the template to draw one of your own.

Check out other tutorials on drawing flowers if this piqued your interest. Do share this will others who will enjoy this creative activity.

Happy Drawing,


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