How to Draw Clematis

In this post I will show how to draw clematis. This is a simple pleasing flower that is ideal to be attempted by anybody. Use the template at the end to practice drawing one.

Step 1: Draw the outline

Following is an outline of clematis. This angle of view works for most flowers. Also note that I have not used soft broken line for outline as discussed here but more of a thicker line. But the line width variation in it gives it more of softer feel. Notice also how white background (negative space) is used for the centre to stand apart.

Step 2: Texture

Observe how contour lines are used on petals to bring out the curved form of petals. Also contour lines are of different length with one in the centre longest and others tapering with the outline of petal. Dots are used to give basic texture to the petal. Tone is darkened in the centre as this is where light reaches least. This further enhances the form of the flower.

This completes this tutorial on how to draw clematis. Use the template to practice drawing one. Also check out tutorials on drawing other flowers.

Happy Drawing,


Step by Step Drawing

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