How to Draw Tulips

In this post I will show how to draw tulips. These flowers are great to attempt by a beginner due to their simple but pleasing form. Try them today and see how satisfying they are to draw. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Draw the Outline

Follow the steps below to draw the outline. It is quite easy to do but the petals need to be drawn in right order as shown below. Use broken dotted line to create soft outline. Click on the image to see details.


Step 2: Texture

Start by using dots and ticks to create a base tone. Use directional soft contour lines to give further form to the petals. Finally highlight the darks to give full form to the flower.


Following is another drawing of tulip where the petals are more open.

Draw petals in the order shown below to create the outline. Texturing is same as before with dots and ticks and soft contour lines used to bring out the form. Notice the tonal distribution with dark areas to give full form to he flower.


This completes this tutorial on how to draw tulips. You can use this template with outline to practice texturing them. With practice you will be easily able to draw one from your imagination. Drawn them for yourself or share them with others. They are always fun to do.

Hope you liked this tutorial and if so, do let me know. You can check out step by step instructions for drawing other flowers as well.

Happy Drawing,


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