If you have enjoyed my drawings here and would like to have prints of these, you can order Poster prints and Wood Prints for most of the drawings on my web site.

My personal favourite is a wood print where the image is printed directly on a finely sanded sheet of Birch. The warm glow of wood shows through the printed drawing and unique characteristic of pen and ink drawing truly stands out when printed on wood. I invite you to try it out.

Poster Print is offered in 11 by 14 inch size and costs $12. Wood print is offered in 12 by 16 inch size and costs $72. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

To frame a poster print, I would suggest using 16 by 20 inch black mat with opening for 11 by 14 inch poster. The black mat really focuses the attention on the drawing and brings it to life. So, essentially use a 16 by 20 inch frame with black mat and opening for 11 by 14 inch to display the drawing. If you live in Greater Toronto area, feel free to reach out to me to get more information on where you can get the frames in GTA.

Wood Prints come ready to hang. Just unpack them and enjoy.

Following pictures show a framed print and wood print.

framed print     poster print

I use the service of a very reputable print provider and your order through my website will be fulfilled by them and shipped directly to you. I can currently take orders from Canada and US only. Shipping is flat $12 per order. I accept Paypal and Credit/debit cards.

Please contact me with information on the name of drawings, size and type of print you would like to have and I will immediately get back to you with the price and other details..

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoyed my drawings.


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