Pen Sketches

Pen is an ideal medium for doing quick sketches. Fluidity of lines and different strokes can be used to create quick sketches that are not possible with other drawing medium. Drawing quick landscapes sketches is something I enjoy doing immensely. These sketches are around 7 by 5 inches and usually done from my imagination of observations of my surroundings. Following gallery shows some of these pen sketches. If you would like to learn doing such landscape pen sketches, then you can use my extensive set of FREE resources to learn drawing them. I also have step by step drawings and other easy pen and ink drawings that can be used to get motivation for your pen sketches.

To get started with sketching, it is usually enough to have a good quality black gel pen. I cover different pen choices for drawing here. For most flexibility, a good gel pen or a felt tip marker combined with a pocket size drawing notebook is a good start. In the beginning, you might want to learn about pen drawing techniques or practice just doing simple pen strokes to become familiar with them and comfortable using them. remember, it is important to start slow and improve steadily than going all out for your masterpiece in the beginning which will invariable end in frustration. Good thing with pen sketching is that all it takes is a pen and pocket sketch book that can be carried anywhere. Try to find small breaks to engage with your creative instincts and you will improve steadily. Check out the resources I mentioned above to get started with your pen sketching adventure today.

Interested in learning to draw pen and ink landscapes? Try my workbooks...You won't find an easier way to be successful at this wonderful activity. Check out their FREE Previews

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