Step by Step: A Winter Landscape with Pen and Ink

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In vol 6 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks, I cover a simple composition that can be used to draw very pleasing landscapes from imagination anytime. Often time we are stuck with what to draw and knowing such compositions is very helpful as by making different choices for elements of the composition, you can do a new drawing from imagination anytime. In this post I will cover one such simple composition for doing pleasing winter landscapes. After understanding different elements of it, you can draw a new one from imagination anytime and never be at loss for what to draw. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Draw Edge of Foreground Snow

In this composition, the foreground is snow covered with an edge. Draw the edge in a bit flattened shape like shown below.

Step 2: Indicate Snow in Foreground

Use the technique discussed in drawing snow peaks to indicate snow in the foreground.

Step 3: Indicate Elements Behind the Snow Edge

In this composition, elements are drawn partially hidden behind the foreground snow. This brings out a nice feel of winter. Here pine trees are drawn using scribble stroke. Taper their shape as shown below.

Step 4: Finish

You can just add Sky using dots and ticks and finish the drawing, or for more visual interest, indicate far out horizon with other background elements as well. Below, I drew snow covered mountains in the background to make the drawing more visually appealing.

By changing the shape of foreground snow and by using different elements behind the foreground snow, quick pleasing winter landscapes can be easily drawn from imagination. In the following drawing, I drew bigger pine trees to give a different feel.

You can use bare winter trees or a combination of bare trees and pine trees to further bring feel of winter as I have done below.

If you are not comfortable drawing trees, you can even use other elements like a wooden post or a wooden fence (as done below) with the composition theme.

There really is no limit to such fun quick winter landscapes you can draw using this composition. Hopefully it got your imagination going. To further learn drawing pen and ink landscapes, I invite you to try my workbooks or consult free tutorials.

Do let me know if you enjoy and benefit from these posts as it motivates me to write them. Also feel free to share this in your social media and with others to spread the word around of this wonderful art.

Happy Drawing,


March 4 2019

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