Step by Step: Drawing Melting Snow With pen and Ink

Last week there was unseasonably high temperature for few days with snow melting and this gave me inspiration for a composition theme for a winter landscape that I share here. In this theme, melting snow creating a small stream is the main element. Follow along with the step by step example below to create simple pleasing winter landscapes in pen and ink.

Step 1: Draw the Outline of Stream

Start by drawing the outline of water stream as shown below. Use interesting edges and make it tapered towards the viewer.

Step 2: Draw the Vertical Depth

Use vertical parallel lines to give depth to the stream. Side that is facing you and hence visible to you should be given depth as shown below. Taper the height as well. Make the edges of side whose depth is not visible darker as well.

Step 3: Add Water

Use horizontal wavy line to add water to the stream. Pl. consult drawing water tutorial for more information on water stroke. Drawing water and landscapes incorporating it is also covered extensively in vol 4 of my pen and ink drawing workbook series.

Step 4: Finish

Rest of the drawing can be finished using other elements we have covered earlier like bare winter trees, snow covered wooden posts and a distant tree line. Adding sky using dots and ticks also brings out a nice feel.

By using different shapes for flowing water and adding other elements various pleasing drawings on this theme can be easily done. Here is an additional examples.

The stream can even be across the landscape instead of originating from the snow as shown below. By using different shapes and sizes for such streams very pleasing drawings can be easily done from imagination.

Finally you can use the same techniques to draw a river flowing across a snow covered winter landscape as shown below.

In the above drawing I have used snow covered mountains as a backdrop to create visual interest. By using different such combination of elements, there is no limit to pleasing winter landscapes that you can draw in pen and ink from your imagination. Try some now.

My pen and ink drawing workbooks covers drawing these elements in detail. Try them if you want to learn drawing pen and ink landscapes and enjoy it as a creative pursuit.

Hope you liked this post and that it inspired your creative instincts. Do let me know if you liked it and any thoughts for further improvements. Feel free to share this in your social media and with others to spread the word around.

Happy Drawing,


Feb 15, 2019

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