Step by Step: Drawing Stones with Pen and Ink – I

Doing regular pen and ink drawing is very important to build your skill set and gain confidence, specially in earlier stages of your pen and ink drawing adventure. But due to our busy schedules, we are always short on time and even ideas for a larger involved drawing and we often want quick pleasing results to motivate us in the beginning. To address this, I wrote vol 6. of my pen and ink drawing workbooks that step by step illustrates a landscape composition that can used to draw quick and easy pen and ink landscapes. Another great element to do quick drawings is group of stones. In this post below, I will show you how you can quickly and easy draw group of stones and create a simple landscape drawing around it.

Step 1: Draw Outline

With stones, it is very important to correctly depict its outline to bring out its dimensionality. There are many different ‘configurations’ of stones and here we will draw oval shaped stones with bit flattened top. This type of stone can be easily draw by first drawing the oval shaped top and then creating the side as shown below. Make the shape and edges irregular to bring out the feel of stone.


Use the same technique to draw group of stones. To indicate a stone in the back, partially hide its edges behind the stone in the front. Always draw the stones in front first and then ones behind them.


Notice how I have used different sizes, orientation and shape of stones to create visual interest in the group of stones. Strive for this in your drawing. Avoid a simple regular pattern.

Step 2: Texturing Side of Stones:

In the configuration above, top of stones receives more light than side and so the side should be made darker using parallel lines as shown below. Make the bottom of side bit more darker (using second set of parallel lines) than the top of side as top of side will receive more light than area near the ground.


Step 3: Indicating Top of Stones

Use parallel lines as shown below to draw surface contours indicating top of stones. The angle of lines indicates the angle of top surface which should match the orientation of stone.


Step 4: Add Tapered Crevices and Edge Irregularities

To further bring out the feel of stones, add tapered crevices and make the edges irregular as shown below. Click on the drawing to see it in details.


Step 5: Finish

Add grass to give the drawing a finished feel.


By using stones in different shapes, sizes and configurations, different drawings on this theme can be easily drawn from imagination and gives quick pleasing result. Following is another drawing on this theme.


Here is another example where I have used wooden posts against backdrop of mountains. By using different such elements with stones in the foreground, quick such drawings can be easily done from imagination.


Drawing stones is fully covered in vol 3 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks and also in this FREE Tutorial. If you would like to learn drawing pen and ink landscapes, I invite you to use the workbooks and FREE tutorials and see how easy and enjoyable it is to put pen on paper and bring an imagined nature to life on paper.

Do let me know if you find these posts useful as it motivates me to write them. Also pl. share them with others and in your social media.

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