Drawing Broken Branch Lying on Snow

A broken branch lying on snow (or other surfaces) is a very pleasing drawing that can be quickly and easily drawn from imagination. Such compositions are very useful for regular pen and ink drawing practice and to draw ‘something’ when you are short on time or out of ideas. Regular practice with such drawings will give you confidence and improve your pen and ink drawing skills. Try one today.

Step 1: Draw the outline of broken branch

Notice how irregular edges are used to lay down the outline. A wide band of white in the centre is also left to bring out the feel of snow. Click on the image to study how irregular edges are drawn in detail.

Step 2: Add more branches

Add more secondary branches to give it a nice feel. In vol. 5 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks, I discuss techniques for drawing such overlapping branches. Make the edges irregular with sliver of white in the center as before. This is how easily a broken branch can be drawn.

Step 3: Finish

It can be finished in many different ways. Here I drew some snow banks in front and a distant tree line with snow covered ground to finish this drawing.

Other snow covered elements that we learned to draw in previous step by step posts can be used as well. In the following, wooden posts are used with broken branch to give it a nice feel.

Part of branch buried in snow also gives a nice feel as is done in the following drawing. In this case, make the edges discontinuous to give a feel of part of branch in snow.

In the following drawing, I have indicated more portions of branch without snow and this brings out a different feel.

This completes this tutorial for drawing a broken branch lying on snow a As you can see above, limitless variations on this simple theme can be done to create quick pleasing pen and ink drawings that are very satisfying and great for regular pen and ink drawing practice. You can find more details on texturing branches with pen and ink at this FREE tutorial and in vol 1-2 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks.

Hope you found this tutorial useful. If so, do let me know. Also pl. share this in your social media using links below and with your friends to spread adoption of this wonderful hobby of drawing pen and ink landscapes.

Happy Drawing,


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