Drawing a Night Sky II

In the last post, we saw how to draw a night sky using dots ans ticks. My recently released pen and ink workbook vol. 7 is focused on drawing night landscapes and discusses many other techniques for drawing a night sky with pen and ink. In this post, we will look at another technique for drawing a night sky and use bare trees to do a quick night landscape.

Step 1: Drawing Initial Sky

Small wavy lines as shown below can be used to render sky. By changing their size, density and manner of distribution, many different feel for night sky can be imparted. This is discussed further in vol. 3 and vol. 7 of my pen and ink workbooks.

Step 2: Transitioning to Night Sky

Add more such lines to make the tone darker for the night sky. It is very important to have tonal variations with edges darker and area around moon lighter to give a pleasant feel of night. Different tonal variations for night sky is discussed in detail in vol. 7 pen and ink drawing workbook.

Step 3: Establishing the Night Sky

Darken the edges more to further establish the night setting. Different level of darker tone and manner of its distribution will give different feel of night sky. This is discussed further in vol. 7.

Step 4: Adding Other Elements

Add other elements against the backdrop of a night sky per your composition. One simple composition is to use bare trees against the backdrop of a night sky. Draw bare trees as solid tapered darks as shown below.

Step 5: Finish

Add ground cover to finish the drawing.

This is a very fun composition and by changing the distribution and feel of these trees and sky many quick variations on this can be easily done from your imagination. Here is another drawing.

Hopefully this quick tutorial inspired you to try some such nightscapes of your own. For more information, pl. consult vol. 7 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks. Pl. consult other volumes in my pen and ink workbook series to learn drawing other elements of nature and capturing the beauty of nature using simple pen strokes. With fully illustrated instructions and guided exercises in my workbooks, anybody can learn to draw pen and ink landscapes and adopt this relaxing and enjoyable hobby.

Pl. feel free to share this with others and on your social media. Do let me know if you like these posts and any suggestion for their improvement.

Happy Drawing,


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