Drawing a Night Sky: Step by Step

I am pleased to announce availability of vol.7 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks. This volume focuses on drawing nightscapes. Night holds a special appeal in our hearts and with its interplay of dark and light, it can convey many different emotions. In this volume, you will learn to texture a night sky and use other elements to bring to life a nightscape. Pl. click here for more information.

In this post, we will look at drawing a night sky. Most important aspect of a night setting is the sky that brings out the night feel and here we will take a look at one technique for drawing a night sky. Other techniques and use of other elements to draw more visually interesting nightscapes is covered in the above volume.

Step 1: Draw Initial Sky

One of the simplest stroke to use for rendering sky is to use dots and ticks as shown below. Use them in different random directions.

Following is initial texturing of Sky using this stroke. Notice that a white area for moon is left out.

Step 2: Add more strokes

To bring out the night feel, use more strokes to give it a darker feel.

Step 3: Bring out the night feel

Use more strokes to darken it further and bring out tonal variations with edges darker and area around the moon lighter. This bring out the feel of night.

This is how easily a night sky can be drawn. By changing the tonal distribution and using other elements, very pleasing such nightscapes can be easily drawn from your imagination. Following are 2 such examples.

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