How to Draw Snow Peaks in Pen

In this post we will learn how to draw Snow Peaks.

Step 1: Draw the Outline of Snow Peaks

Draw overlapping snow peaks outlines as shown below. Make the ones at the back smaller.

Step 2: Add Peaks in Front and Additional Plains

To add more visual interest, add more peaks in front as shown below. Also add other plains as shown below to bring out dimensionality of the peaks.

Step 3: Darken the Edges

First step in bringing out the feel of snow is to darken the edges irregularly as shown below.

Step 4: Add some more lines and marks to Edge lines

Add further lines and marks to the edges as shown below. That adds more tone to the edges and further brings out the feel of snow. Click on the image to study these lines in detail.

Step 5: Texture the inside with Lines.

Such slightly wavy lines is core technique for indicating snow. By combining such lines with white of paper, an effective feeling of snow is conveyed. Click on the image below to study it in detail. Notice the irregular nature of lines. Also in addition to providing tone, ‘contour’ of the peaks are also defined with these lines. Drawing of peaks is now complete.

Step 6: Finish with Sky.

To take away the white of sky that clashes with the drawn snow, texture the sky. Various techniques for drawing sky is discussed in detail in vol 4 of my pen and ink drawing workbook series. A simple technique is to use dots and ticks as shown below. This completes this drawing.

drawing of snow peaks

By using different shapes, such snow peaks can be easily drawn from our imagination and are relatively quick to do as most of the paper is left untextured indicating snow. Following are 2 additional examples.

drawing of snow peaks

drawing of snow peaks

In the last drawing above, few bigger peaks are drawn compared to other drawings with more smaller receding peaks, This gives different feel to the drawing.

Another consideration is the level of lines used. Use of more lines gives bit more heavy feel as the white fluffy feel of snow is taken away to the extent to volume of lines used. Experiment with different combinations to see what you like. In the drawing below, more lines are used compared to earlier drawings to give it a different feel.

snow peaks

This completes this post. Hopefully you found it useful and inspiring. Carry pocket sketch book and pen with you and instead of engaging with your phone screen, try to connect with your creative side when you find some time by doing such simple pen and ink drawings. You will soon discover how relaxing and joyful it is to be able to express your creativity.

You can also consult my pen and ink drawing workbooks and FREE tutorials to learn to drawn pen and ink landscapes. Pl. feel free to give me feedback on theses posts (good and bad) and do share it with others and in your social media to help get more people to know about this wonderful hobby.

Happy Drawing,


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