How to Draw Snow

Last few weeks we got lot of snow and cold weather with this ‘polar vortex’ and this just being Canada:)  I received few requests to show how to draw snow with pen and this is what I will do in this post. Pick a pen and paper and follow along to draw snow with pen and winter landscapes based on it.

Step 1: Draw an outline of snow bank

Start by drawing an outline of snow bank or mounds of snow on the ground. Use a dotted broken line as shown below.

Step 2: Draw Bare Winter Trees Peeking Out

From the snow outline, draw bare winter trees peeking out as shown below. Drawing bare winter trees was covered in a post earlier. Use interesting shapes and different sizes to add visual interest.

Step 3: Indicate Snow

Use tick marks and small blades of grass and twigs peeking out from ground to indicate snow more clearly. Darken the edges a little in IRREGULAR manner. A path and a distant horizon is also added below.

Step 4: Add Other Elements.

To enhance visual interest, add distant tree line and the path leading to it. Add small ticks and marks between the snow bank and distant horizon to indicate some kind of ground cover.

Step 5: Add Sky

The white of sky sometimes interfere with our visual perception of white of snow. Use dots to indicate sky as shown below. This also adds to visual interest in the drawing. A rising Sun with flock of birds flying can be used to add further interest in the drawing. Other ways of texturing sky and clouds is covered in vol 3 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks.

By using different shapes for snow banks and different distribution for bare trees along with use of other elements, very pleasing winter pen and ink landscapes can be easily drawn on this theme from your imagination. Following is another one. Try one now.

Check out my pen and ink workbooks if you are interested in learning to draw pen and ink landscapes. It is a very relaxing and creative hobby and something that can be easily done in between your breaks as all you need is a pen and a paper.

Do let me know if you liked this post and any suggestions for its improvement. Feel free to share this in your social media and also forward this to others you think will like it and benefit from it.

Happy Drawing,


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