Drawing a Waterfall: Step by Step

Drawing a waterfall may sound intimating, but as we will see below, it is quite easy to do with few simple strokes that any beginner can do. So, grab a pen and follow along. Such fun drawings gives us a creative break in our lives and are always enjoyable. Try one now.

Step 1: Draw Top of Waterfall

Start with a slight wavy line like below, indicating the top of waterfall, may be a river or a stream.

easy pen and ink drawing step 1

Step 2: Draw Falling Water:

Use slightly curved lines like shown below to indicate falling water. Turn the paper if need be to draw it. Don’t make the lines flat. Give them a slight curve or bulge as shown below.

easy pen and ink drawing step 2

Step 3: Add Volume to Water

Use tapered dark like shown below to indicate volume in falling water.

easy pen and ink drawing step 3.gif

Step 4: Indicate Water Flowing Out

After the fall, water continues its journey towards the viewer. Use lines like below to draw ripples that indicate that. Notice how they open up and grow bigger as they go out.

water flowing out

Add such ripples to the waterfall.

easy pen and ink drawing step 4.gif

Step 5: Indicate Rocks and Mist

Add some darks at the bottom of fall to indicate some stones/rocks and dots going up to indicate mist. Keep it irregular. The notion of suggestion is very important in pen and ink. With just some dark irregular shape, a feel of ‘something there’ can be conveyed.

easy pen and ink drawing step 5

Step 6: Indicating Foliage on the Side

To give a finished feel, something on the sides of the fall should be indicated. Wooded area works very well and is very easy to do as shown below.

Use open loops to indicate foliage. make the base darker and add tapered darks to indicate trunks etc.

drawing quick foliage

Use the above technique to indicate wooded area as banks of waterfall.

easy pen and ink drawing step 6.gif

Step 7: Adding Reflection in Water

Use more of water stroke to darken it to indicate reflection as shown below.

drawing water reflection.gif

Use the above technique to indicate reflection of wooded areas.

easy pen and ink drawing step 7

Step 8: Add Sky

Add Sky using horizontal parallel lines to finish this quick drawing.

easy pen and ink drawing step 8.gif

This finishes this tutorial of drawing a waterfall. Hopefully it motivated you to pick up a pen and try drawing it and see how easy and enjoyable it is to do such drawings with pen and ink.

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Drawing is always more fun in company and so pl. do share this in your social media or forward it to others who you feel might enjoy it.

Happy Drawing,


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