Drawing a Shoe

Here I will walk you through drawing a shoe step by step. I use pen and ink as my drawing medium but the steps are applicable to any medium. My aim is to convey core points to keep in mind when drawing a shoe but feel free to use the instructions below to create your own variations.

Step 1: Draw the outline

Start by drawing the outline as shown below.

pen ink drawing shoe

Add heel outline in a tapered manner.

pen ink drawing shoe

Step 2: Indicate heels

Bring out heels by darkening area under it and also adding lines as shown below to add visual interest. Lace holes are also added.

pen ink drawing shoe

pen ink drawing shoe

Step 3: Draw Laces

Draw laces as zig-zag lines with some starting under the flap and some going over it. Click to see details.

pen ink drawing shoe

Step 4: Add Contour lines

In pen and ink drawing, parallel lines that follow the contour of the surface are used to bring out the form of the object. This is done below by adding appropriate contour lines to bring out the form of front and side of shoe. If you are not comfortable with drawing parallel lines, you can use dots and ticks for texturing (shown at the end).

pen ink drawing show

pen ink drawing shoe

Step 5: Darkening the Inside

Darken the inside using set of parallel lines (hatching). You can use dots and ticks as alternate way of texturing as shown later. A flap has also been added.

pen ink drawing shoe

Step 6: Adjust the Tone

To bring out the form of an object, parts of it receiving more light should be kept lighter and parts receiving less light should be indicated darker using more tone. In this drawing we assume that light source is in front of us and hence sides away (more towards us) will be darker. These are made bit darker with another set of parallel lines. Compared to the last drawing, shoe now has the form.

pen ink drawing shoe

pen ink drawing shoe

Step 7: Finish

You can stop at the last step or add some blemishes to give it an old shoe feel. I have also used more tonal contrast to bring out form even further.

pen ink drawing old shoe

This completes this drawing shoe tutorial. You can download the drawing shoe template along with above instructions here. Dots and ticks can also be used to texture as shown below.

drawing shoe

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Happy Drawing,


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