How to Draw Snow Covered Mountains

In this post, we will learn to draw snow covered mountains. Snow covered mountains hold special appeal is our hearts as something symbolising adventure and ruggedness. Drawing them is quite easy as we will learn below and after you complete this tutorial, you will be able to capture that special feeling and represent them in your drawings from your imagination. Lets get started.

Step 1: Draw outline of Mountains

First step as always is to draw a generic outline of mountains as shown below.

Step 2: Draw Snow Outlines

Snow sits on top of mountains in a TAPERED manner. It is very important to use such tapered shapes to represent snow. Use dotted lines as shown below to outline snow on top of mountains.

Step 3: Texturing Mountains

To contrast against snow, the mountains need to be textured dark. Use angular parallel lines as shown below to texture the body of mountains excluding snow area.

You will need multiple set of parallel lines to make them sufficiently darker. In the following, another set of parallel lines is used to make the mountains body further darker.

Notice that after texturing, snow outline is not simple and straight but instead bit zagged and rough. Make sure this shows in your drawing as a simple snow edge will destroy the effect. Use tick makes to make the edges zagged and also add some to the snow area as shown above.

Step 4: Add Behind Mountains

To add visual interest, add other mountains behind the ones in the front. Make them smaller and depict snow on them as outlined in earlier steps. Following drawing shows how to add a mountain behind.

Add other behind mountains in similar manner. This really helps to bring out the feel of snow covered mountains.

Step 5: Finish

Adding sky, ground and other foreground elements helps to give them a finished feel. To learn drawing these other elements, pl. visit my FREE pen and ink tutorials.

Following are some additional examples. More white can be used to give more indication of snow. But always use the tapered shapes (both white and dark) to bring out the desired feel.

This complete this tutorial to draw snow covered mountains. For more examples and exercises, pl. visit my FREE tutorials and Workbooks. Feel free to share this in your social circle with others of similar interest.

Happy Drawing,


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