Drawing Wordscape ‘Love’

Wordscapes are fun and easy way to draw pen and ink landscapes incorporating a word or inspiring message in the landscape. On account of upcoming Valentines day, we will learn to draw ‘love’ pen and ink wordscape below. It is quite simple and anybody can do it, even with no prior drawing experience. After you learn the steps below, download the template to get started.

Step 1: Draw the Word Outline

Draw the word outline in the form of trunks or twigs as shown below. There is a whole tutorial behind it that I am working on but for now you can copy the approach below or use the template.


Step 2: Texture the Word

Texture the word to give it appearance of trunk, broken branches, twigs etc. Here I have used bark stroke as discussed in this FREE tutorial to give it a feel of tree trunk. I have also added plain lines to indicate distant plains. This process of drawing a landscape is discussed in detail in vol 6 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks.


Step 3: Indicate Location of Pine Trees

There are different approaches to adding nature elements and texturing the landscape. One very pleasing approach is to indicate pine trees scattered in the distance. We do this next by indicating location and height of pine trees. Notice that distant trees are made smaller per perspective.


Step 4: Texture Pine Trees:

Texture pine trees next. This is discussed in detail in this FREE pen and ink drawing tutorial and in my workbooks. Darken the word also per your taste. There should be contrast between the work and other landscape for it to have impact.


Step 5: Add Surface Contour

To bring out the contour of different ground plains, add contour lines. This is again discussed in detail in vol 6 of my workbooks. You can skip this step if you are just beginning with pen drawing and can’t draw parallel lines.


Step 6: Add Ground Cover and Sky to Finish

Finally add ground cover and Sky to finish. Consult my FREE tutorials on adding these. This is a pleasing ‘wordscape’ you can easily draw and give to your loved ones and others. Even if your effort doesn’t look ‘professional’, a hand drawn and hand made object is always valued more. So, give it a try. Use this template to start and do give me feedback on this tutorial and your attempt.

Happy drawing,


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