How to Draw a Spooky Tree

Halloween is just round the corner and I thought I would share how to draw this simple, fun ‘Ghost Riding’ spooky tree. I think we can all agree that skulls are over rated and over drawn for Halloween. Try this drawing to enjoy Halloween spirit in a spooktacular manner.

Step 1: Draw the OutlineĀ 

Start by drawing the outline as shown below. Notice that there is a ‘ghost’ perched on top. You can make your own variations on this. Try most twisted ‘arms’ on the side, for example.


Step 2: Layout Initial Crevices and ‘Eye’

Long flowing tapered crevices are used to give trunk age and character. Draw and fill them as shown below. You don’t have to copy mine but try such crevices of your own. This process is discussed in detail in my vol 1&2 workbook and in this FREE tutorial.

Step 3: Use Bark Stroke to Texture Trunk

After crevices are drawn, remaining space is filled with bark stroke to give texture to trunk. This is again discussed in detail in above links.


Step 4: Bring Out the ‘Ghost’

‘Ghost’ is represented here as back half of torn trunk and hence will have darker tone. I have used cross-hatching here to add darker tone but if you are not comfortable with drawing parallel lines, you can use a brush as well.



Step 5: Finish

Adjust the tone of the ‘ghost’ to your liking to bring out the contrast. This finishes this drawing of spooky tree. Other elements can be added as well.


This finishes this tutorial of drawing a spooky tree’. Limitless variations on this can be easily done from imagination. Use this template to draw one of your own. Stay safe and enjoy Halloween.


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