How to Draw Bamboo

In this post I will show how to do draw bamboo. Such drawings can be quickly done and different variations on it can be used to draw one from imagination anytime and is a good way to get some pen drawing practice. Try one today. Template provided at the end.

Step 1: Draw Outline

Start by drawing outline as shown below. Don’t taper bamboo stalks too much. Use interesting intersecting stalks to create visual interest.


Step 2: Draw Sections

A distinct characteristic of bamboo stalk are different sections as shown below. Use a slightly curved line to draw them.


Step 3: Add Contour Lines

To bring out the roundness, add initial contour lines as shown below. Notice how contour lines are slightly curved along the form of Stalks. Click to see details. If you are not good at drawing them, use this as an exercise in learning to improve drawing them as they are fundamental part of drawing with pen. Alternatively, you can use dots (stippling) to texture as shown at the end.


Step 4: Add Another Layer of Contour Lines

To further bring out roundness, add another layer of contour lines to create 3 tone variation. Compared to single layer (2 tone) contour lines above, this brings out the form further, but you can skip this if you want to stay with 2 tone.


As shown above, more tonal change brings out form further, but for quick drawings, 2 tone is enough.

Step 5: Darker the Other Edge

Irregularly darken the other edge to fully establish the form.


Step 6: Add Irregular Crevices

Irregular tapered crevices as shown below can be added as well.

Step 7: Finish With Grass

Add grass at the bottom to finish the drawing.


Step 8: Add Other Elements

Other elements like stones etc. can be further add to create visual interest. Here I have added water to give this drawing more appeal.


Instead of contour lines, dots (stippling) can be used to provide texture as well as shown below. Different densities can be used to create more interest.


This completes this tutorial on how to draw bamboo. You can use the template to try one as well. Such simple drawings are good for regular practice as different variations can be easily drawn from imagination. Feel free to reach out to me for any help/advice or feedback on this tutorial.

Happy Drawing,


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