How to Draw Daylily

In this post we will lean to draw daylily. This is a very pleasing flower and ideal to draw in many ways due to its simple petal structure. There are many, many varieties of these flowers and we will look at drawing most common daylily. Use the template at the end to practice drawing the one presented here and create one of your own as you gain confidence.

Step 1: Draw the Outline

Draw the outline as shown below. Use soft broken lines for the outline. Notice that petals are NOT flat and to bring out their curvature, the outline has to indicate that. Study how that is indicated in the outline below. Click on the image to see details.


Step 2: Texture

A central vein line is used to bring out the curvature of the petals. Dots and ticks are used to give initial texture. Darker areas (using more dots and ticks) are used as shown below to give further form to the petals.

This completes this tutorial on how to draw daylily. Use the template to practice drawing one of your own. Check out the tutorials on drawing other flowers if this motivated you to draw some flowers. This is a simple and really enjoyable drawing activity that can be attempted by anybody. Try it today.

Happy Drawing,


Step by Step Drawings


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