How to Draw Ginkgo Leaf

In this post I show how to draw ginkgo leaf. It is not difficult but does require control of pen to create ‘veins’ of the leaf. Template to practice provided at the end. Try it today.

Step 1: Draw the Outline.

Following is a simple outline that is used for this tutorial.

Step 2: Draw the Initial Veins Outline

A key aspect of depicting any leaf is to draw its vein structure to give it form. Ginkgo leaf have a very fine vein structure that is initially depicted as shown below. Notice that vein lines are slightly curved to bring out the form of the leaf. Use dotted lines to lay it out initially.

Step 3: Draw the Veins

Go over the dotted line to draw veins. This starts to give form to the leaf.

Add veins in between to increase the volume.

Step 4: Finish

To bring out the form further, make the base darker by making the lines more dark there. This change in tone gives more indication of structure of leaf.

This completes this tutorial on drawing ginkgo leaf. Use the template to practice.

Happy Drawing,


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