Pen & Ink Drawing Workbook Vol. 7

Vol.7 of my pen and ink drawing workbook focuses on drawing night landscapes, or as I call them, nightscapes. The setting is night in these drawings and the focus is on learning different strokes and techniques that helps to capture that special feel of night. Following are some of the topics covered in the workbook.

Different Techniques for Drawing Night Sky:

Sky is the single most element in a nightscape and the way it is drawn sets the mood in a nightscape. In the workbook, I cover various different techniques for drawing night sky and capturing that special feel of night. All the techniques are fully illustrated in a step by step manner followed by hands on activities.

Different Tonal Variations for Setting the Night Mood:

The interplay of light and darkness representing night sets the mood in a nightscape. Strokes used, manner of their use in terms of how lighter and darker areas are represented and their interplay all comes together in a nightscape. The workbook covers all this in details with many illustrations to help you understand and use these core concepts in your attempts.

Drawing Night View of Mountains, Ground and Other Elements:

In addition to sky, other elements need to be properly textured to bring out the feel of night. This is fully covered in the workbook.

Composition Themes:

Big focus in the workbook is also on providing composition themes for the nightscapes. These composition themes are based on use of combination of different elements to create the night landscapes. These are fully illustrated and provides a great starting point for anybody to attempt in their drawings.

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