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As a pen and ink artist, I want people to discover the joy of doing simple drawings with pen and ink and adopt it as a creative and relaxing hobby. The tutorials I have created are a step in that direction. As you go through them and take your initial steps in doing probably your first drawing, you will undoubtedly have  questions, concerns or even need for clarification around the content in the tutorials. I would like to help you over come your initial hurdles on this journey in any way I can and I invite you to use the form below to ask my help with any feedback I can provide to help you continue in this amazing journey. If you want to send me your initial drawings for feedback, please let me know in the form below and I will let you know how you can upload for me to view them. Please also provide some background about your self and any specific aspect that you would like me to focus on in the feedback. Also, my feedback is completely FREE with no obligation what so ever.

I will also be regularly adding new content and update existing tutorials with additional templates. You can also use the form below to subscribe (leave the comment blank) so that you don’t miss out on any new additions and updates.

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