Pen and Paper Choices for Drawing

In this post I will describe different pen and paper choices available for drawing with pen and ink. Before I describe some of the options available for choosing pen, I want to stress that you can start with any pen, even ordinary gel pen, and get a feel for drawing with pen. Practice is most … Read more

Pen and Ink Landscapes

In this post I will describe different compositions for drawing pen and ink landscapes. In pen and ink tutorials, we looked at drawing different elements individually in detail. The next step is to understand how these elements can be used together in different ways to create effective and pleasing landscapes. This is done in the … Read more

Drawing with Trees

In this post, I will discuss different ways of doing pen and ink drawing with trees as the main element. As with Trunk compositions, the main point of consideration when drawing with trees is the amount of distance covered and the density of trees. By changing these, landscapes with different feel can be drawn. Different … Read more

Drawing a Wooded Area

Drawing a wooded area with pen and ink is always fun to do and one can be done from imagination anytime. It has following 3 main elements: Foreground Foliage: This is the foliage that is in front of the trunks and branches. Visible Trunks and branches: Background Foliage: The foliage behind the trunks and branches. … Read more

Drawing With Tree Trunks

Follow are 3 simple composition themes with tree trunks. The main point of consideration between them is the amount of ‘ground distance’ they cover and the density of trunks. Different techniques for drawing trunks is covered in detail in tree trunk tutorial. Theme 1: Landscape goes out to distant horizon Theme 2: Wooded Area with Trunks … Read more

Drawing with Mountains

A mountain is usually at the back in a landscape with other elements in front of it. Depending on its size and position, it can either be main element of the landscape or it can be a secondary focal point. Mountains can be drawn in many different ways and different techniques gives different feel to … Read more

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As a pen and ink artist, I want people to discover the joy of doing simple drawings with pen and ink and adopt it as a creative and relaxing hobby. The tutorials I have created are a step in that direction. As you go through them and take your initial steps in doing probably your first … Read more

Pen Drawing Easy

The purpose of these easy pen and ink drawings is to help you practice drawing elements of nature and to show how quick and easy pen and ink landscapes can be drawn by combining them. FREE templates are provided below that can be used as a starting point. These are really fun to draw as … Read more

How to Draw a Wooden Structure with Pen and Ink

Adding a wooden structure like a barn can greatly enhance the feeling of a scene. Here I will discuss techniques for drawing a generic wooden structure. These can be used to draw barns, wooden cabin, outhouses, or other wooden structure. Here is the outline of a typical wooden house. To draw houses properly, you need … Read more

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