Drawing With Tree Trunks

Follow are 3 simple composition themes with tree trunks. The main point of consideration between them is the amount of ‘ground distance’ they cover and the density of trunks. Different techniques for drawing trunks is covered in detail in tree trunk tutorial.

Theme 1: Landscape goes out to distant horizon

Theme 2: Wooded Area with Trunks Not too far

Theme 3:  Trunks close by along with another element on the ground

Theme 1: Landscape goes out to distant horizon.

Here the landscape goes out far in the distance with a distant tree line or a similar element providing point of rest for the eyes as it travels the distance. In this approach, distant horizon line is put down first and other elements drawn with respect to it as shown below.

Video Demonstration (Demo 1): Few Trunks recede to the distance.

demo 1 pic

By using different distribution of trunks and by using different distant elements, many different drawings on this theme are possible. Following are drawings that use the same theme but slightly different elements to create a different drawing. Watch their video demonstration to learn how they are done.

Demo 2: Use of Bush and Distant foliage as distant element.

demo 2 pic

Demo 3:Introduces a path leading into the distance. Shows a different way to create distant foliage. Also uses Wooden posts to add interest.

demo 3 pic

Demo 6: Another demonstration of this theme.

demo 6 pic

Theme 2: Wooded Area with Tree Trunks

In this composition, group of trunks are draw together to indicate a kind of wooded area. Tree foliage is mostly not done. Instead, the focus is only on tree trunks. Note that distance covered is much less compared to first theme with distant horizon not visible (hidden behind trunks).

Video Demonstration (Demo 14): Wooded Area with Tree Trunks

theme 2 demo 14 pic

By using different layout and distribution of trunks, many variations on this theme are possible. Other elements like stones can also be used to provide more interest. Following are 2 additional drawings based on this theme.

trunks wooded area 1 trunks wooded area 2

Theme 3: Trunk Close up with another element

You can use tree trunks with any other elements, like wooden posts or stones that are lying close to the trunk to create a simple landscape. Main difference between this and theme 1 is that trunks are usually not receding because of which other elements close to trunks can be shown in greater detail. Following demonstration shows trunks with wooden posts behind it to create a simple pleasing landscape.

Video Demonstration (Demo 10): Trunk up close with other elements

theme 3 pic

Try combining a trunk or two with any other elements to create simple quick landscapes. There is no limit to the kind and variety of simple landscapes that can be drawn this way. You can find many more examples in easy pen and ink drawings page

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