Pen and Ink Drawing Tutorials

Below you will find pen and ink drawing tutorials that describe how to draw different elements of nature in detail with step by step illustrations. In these pen and ink drawing tutorials, the focus above all is to help you quickly understand the core concepts and then practice drawing them as I explain in my … Read more

How to Draw Tree Trunks With Pen and Ink

In this tutorial we will learn to draw tree trunks using pen and ink. There are many ways of drawing tree trunks and I will explain few of the simple techniques here. To believably draw a tree trunk, two things need to be accomplished: Show the roundness of the trunk. Show the bark texture. Roundness … Read more

How to Draw Mountain With Pen and Ink

There are many ways of drawing mountains using pen and ink and I will describe few techniques here. Each technique gives a different feel for the mountain and is appropriate for drawing different type of landscapes. There are essentially two main types of techniques for drawing mountains. In one set of techniques, a simple, typical … Read more

Learn to Draw Pen and Ink Landscapes

Drawing landscapes with pen and ink is a great way to spend your time creatively and is surprisingly easy to learn. Here you will find extensive set of FREE resources that I have created to help people adopt this wonderful hobby. My approach to learning by drawing is used in following resources to help you … Read more

Interested in learning to draw pen and ink landscapes? Try my workbooks...You won't find an easier way to be successful at this wonderful activity. Check out their FREE Previews

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