Pen and Ink Drawing Tutorials

UPDATE: I am pleased to announce availability of my Pen & Ink Drawing Workbooks at Amazon and other online retailers. Available for just $6 (Paperback) and $2.99 (Kindle), they are a great way to learn drawing pen and ink landscapes. Try them today.


Below you will find pen and ink drawing tutorials that describe how to draw different elements of nature in detail with step by step illustrations. The focus above all is to help you quickly understand the core concepts and then practice drawing them. To this end, templates are provided at the end of every tutorial that you can print and use to practice drawing.

Keep in mind that there are as many ways of drawing nature with pen and ink as there are pen and ink artists, which is to say great many. My aim is to present some of the simpler techniques in a very simple illustrated manner that will help you get started. Always try to study and learn from any good pen and ink drawing that you come across to expand your repertoire.

After studying individual elements in detail, you can study composition themes along with their video demonstration. Here I discuss how different elements can be used together in different ways to put together simple but pleasing landscapes.

After finishing these tutorials and learning about composition themes, you can find many other examples to practice in mini landscapes. This can be followed by Step by Step  Landscape Drawing after which you can attempt simple landscapes of Level 1 templates.

In addition, I have also published pen and ink drawing workbooks that expand on the material covered in these tutorials. They are available for just $6 and with fully illustrated examples and hands on exercises, they are a great way to get started drawing with pen and ink. Try them today.

  1. How to Draw Tree Trunks in Pen and Ink
  2. How to Draw Tree Branches and Twigs in Pen and Ink
  3. How to Draw Needle Foliage in Pen and Ink
  4. How to Draw Deciduous Foliage in Pen and Ink
  5. How to Draw Distant Foliage in Pen and Ink
  6. How to Draw Grass and Ground Cover in Pen and Ink
  7. How to Draw a Bush in Pen and Ink
  8. How to Draw Stones in Pen and Ink
  9. How to Draw Mountains in Pen and Ink
  10. How to Draw Sky and Clouds in Pen and Ink
  11. How to Draw Water in Pen and Ink
  12. How to Draw Weathered Wooden Post in Pen and Ink
  13. How to Draw a Wooden Structure in Pen and Ink

In addition, you can also visit my YouTube channel with over 50 videos illustrating techniques covered in the tutorials above. All you need is a pen and a paper to follow along and you will be able to draw pleasing pen and ink landscapes in no time.

I will be regularly adding new templates and tutorials. If you would like to be notified of any new addition, pl. send me your email address in the form below. I would also like to hear from you regarding your finished work based on these templates and would try to display them on this site.

Practice often and always have fun doing it. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments.

Happy Drawing,



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