How to Draw Snow Covered Pine Trees

in this post we will learn how to draw snow covered pine trees. Last week we learned how to draw coniferous/Pine trees to create a winter setting. Snow helps to bring out real winter feel and so we will learn to draw pine trees covered with snow in this tutorial.  Very pleasing winter landscapes can be easily drawn from your imagination using following steps. So grab a pen and paper and follow along to draw snow covered pine trees and landscapes based on them.

Step 1: Draw the Outline

Draw a typical Christmas tree shape in dotted line as shown below. Don’t use a hard line for the outline.

Step 2: Drawing the Edges

Use the following strokes to texture the edges.

Correctly texturing edges as shown above is very important as it gives the feel of pine trees to the outline.

Step 3: Texturing Inside

To give a feel of snow, add following marks inside the tree in irregular manner. Snow usually doesn’t cover a tree completely and these marks indicate those areas. These help to bring out the feel of tree and snow. The white untextured area is perceived as snow. Relative density of white vs the marks will indicate the amount/level of snow on the tree.

Use the type of shapes as shown above to texture the inside.

Step 4: Texture Trunk and Ground

Trunk can be easily textured using 2 tone technique. Also bottom of trunk near ground is left white in irregular shape to indicate presence of snow on trunk there. This is how easily a snow covered pine tree can be drawn.

Step 5: Add Other Trees

Other snow covered pine trees can be similarly drawn and added per your composition to create perception of depth and visual interest.

Step 6: Finish with Ground and Sky

To create perception of snow on ground, use lines as shown below along with few blades of grass and twigs poking out of ground. A path on the snow can be added as well as shown below. Addition of sky creates a nice backdrop to the snow covered trees. Drawing these elements of nature is covered in detail in my pen and ink workbooks.

snow covered pine trees

This finishes this tutorial on how to draw snow covered pine trees. You can also combine snow covered pines with bare trees we saw before and create such pleasing landscapes from your imagination. Following is another example. Notice that I have used less tone on the trees below to give them more snow covered feel compared to drawing above.

snow covered pine trees

Following is a more detailed example but the technique used is the same.

In this holiday season, if you find yourself with some time, then grab a pen and paper and try doing some such pen and ink drawings. They provide great relaxation and will help you appreciate beauty of nature in a new way as you will be able to capture and express that beauty through your own interpretation.

My pen and ink workbooks are also great Holiday presents. Give a gift of creative life long learning this Christmas with my pen and ink workbooks. You can also visit my Free pen and ink drawing tutorials for more information.

Do let me know if you like these posts. Any thoughts on their improvement and suggestion for content is most welcome. Feel free to share these with others and also to promote them in your social media.

Happy Drawing,


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