Draw Snow Covered Wooden Posts

Winter is firmly established in my neck of woods in Great White North. In last few posts, I showed how to draw quick winter landscapes with snow covered mountains, bare winter trees and snow covered pine trees. In this post we will look at how to draw snow covered wooden posts and trees. Wooded Posts covered in snow and bare trees with snow resting on them provide a great setting for a winter landscape. In the following few steps we will see how easily they can be drawn and a quick winterscape put together using them.

Step 1: Draw outline of Wooden Posts

Draw simple outline of wooden posts as shown below. Keep the top and side interesting with zagged edges.

Step 2: Draw Snow sitting on the posts

To indicate snow, texture the bottom half of horizontal post and leave tapered white on the top and bottom of vertical posts. Make sure the snow line is not simple and straight but with a bit of roughness as shown below. Texturing wooden posts is discussed in detail in vol 1-2 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks and also in this free tutorial. Add a bit of grass at the bottom to make them feel grounded.

Step 3: Add Distant Tree line and Ground cover

To give finished feeling, add a distant tree line in the form of undulating vertical lines. Snow covered ground can be indicated by using few blades of grass and small twigs poking out as shown below. Leave ample white to give a feel of snow on the ground.

Step 4: Add Snow Sitting on Tree Branches

To add further visual interest, snow sitting on tree branches can be added using the same technique. Strokes for drawing tree branches is same as that of texturing wooden posts and is covered in detail in vol 1-2 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks and also in this free tutorial.

Step 5:  Add Sky

The white of sky conflicts with the white of snow. Drawing some form of Sky/Clouds takes that white away and further brings out the feel of snow. Different techniques for drawing Sky are covered in detail in vol. 3 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks and also in this free tutorial.

snow covered wooden posts and trees
Draw Snow Covered Wooden Posts and Trees

This finishes this tutorial on how to draw snow covered wooden posts and trees. While these are not very fancy, such quick drawings can be easily done from imagination in between our breaks and gives immense satisfaction while connecting us with our creative side. All you need is a small pocked drawing pad and a pen that can be easily carried anywhere. Try one today. With practice, you will be able to draw more involved such drawings using the same techniques. Following are 2 such examples.

If you would like to further learn drawing pen and ink landscapes, then pl. consult my workbooks. My FREE tutorials also provides the information to get you started. Feel free to reach out to me for any help and clarification.

Hope you liked this post and if so, do let me know. Feel free to share this in your social media and with others of similar interest.

Happy Drawing,


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