How to Draw a Shore Line

In this post I will show how to draw a shoreline. Main element in such compositions is the wave of water reaching the shore. This has to be portrayed correctly to give the overall impression of shore. This is shown step by step below.

Drawing a Wave:

Start by laying down the curvature of shore as this will help you put down the curvature of wave next. In this example I used rocks to create a rocky shoreline. Draw wave with a broken wavy line representing wave front and indicate flow of water using broken lines as shown below. Click to see details.

Add Other elements:

Once you learn to draw wave, you can use different settings for your shore. Here I start by adding small stones and using dots and ticks to give indication of sand/shore.

A backdrop of pine trees and hills is added to complete the setting. Drawing these different elements is discussed in my workbooks and Free tutorials.

Adjust Tone: 

As there is no erasure in pen and ink drawing, it is always good to start by using less tone and then progressively adding more to your liking. Here I felt that there wasn’t enough contrast between stones and surroundings and so I added more tone to the stones to create contrast and interest. This completes this drawing.

This completes this tutorial. Use the template for your attempts. This is not an easy drawing and getting correct feel for water wave will require multiple attempts and practice. Enjoy the creative process of drawing and feel free to reach out to me for help and suggestions.

Happy Drawing,


Step by Step Drawings

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