How to Draw Crashing Wave

In this post I will show how to draw a crashing wave. In the last post, we learned how to draw wave of water as part of a shoreline. Following is most important thing to keep in mind when drawing a wave of water.

Angle of broken lines used to indicate wave determines its motion.

For a gentle wave reaching the shore, almost horizontal broken lines were used as discussed in last post. To indicate motion, we use lines that are slightly angled upward. This give feel of motion to the wave as seen below.

Drawing a Crashing Wave:

Study the steps below to understand how feel of motion is imparted to a wave of water. Mist and water that bounces back is also represented using broken lines and dots and ticks. Click on the image below to see details.


Notice how horizontal broken lines are used to draw a gentle wave on the right side. A background of mountains completes this drawing.


Here is another drawing with crashing wave as the main theme. Here I have given more form to the water bouncing back. Also reflection of stones and slightly wavy lines around them are used to indicate presence of water there.


This completes this tutorial on drawing a wave crashing on stones. By changing the intensity of movement of wave and water that is reflected back, many different landscapes on this theme can be easily drawn from imagination. Use the template to practice drawing some.

Happy Drawing,


Step by Step Drawings

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