How to Draw Spring Flowers

In this post we will learn to draw quick pleasing landscapes using spring flowers. In a previous post, I demonstrated how to draw spring landscapes with new bloom of spring trees. Techniques shows here can be combined with spring trees to create very effective spring landscapes. Lets get started.

Step 1: Learning to Draw Spring Flowers

Study how to draw a spring flower using the image below. Keep following 2 key points in mind.

  1. Don’t draw the stem with a straight line. Use slight wiggle as shown below. This gives it more natural appeal.
  2. Don’t draw the flower fully dark. Draw a dark centre and then add loop lines around it to indicate petals.

Initially practice drawing such flowers. Also practice drawing them in higher concentration in an irregular pleasing manner.

Step 2: Draw Spring Flowers

Once you practice and get hang of drawing such spring flowers, then start your drawing by drawing such flowers in the foreground. Notice their irregular distribution and use of different sizes below. I have also added a backdrop of stones to give them more visual appeal.

Step 3:  Draw Interesting Middle Ground

Use contour lines as shown below to create interesting middle ground. Just flat ground is often bit boring. By using contour lines as shown below, small undulations can be given to ground form that gives it more visual appeal.

Step 4:  Draw Flowers on Middle Ground

Draw wild spring flowers on the middle ground. Many variety of strokes can be used to indicate such wild flowers and many of them are discussed in my drawing wild flowers tutorial. Use different sizes with interesting distribution to create visual interest as done below.

Continue in this manner on the other side. Notice that size of flowers and ground cover decreases as they go out in the distance due to perspective. Also draw them in groups and leave some white around them for them to stand out. Don’t over do it as due to lack of colour, they need adequate white around them to stand out else it will result in a dark mess. Click image below to see it in detail.

Step 5:  Finish

Finish by drawing a distant element and a back drop where our eyes can rest. These steps are further fully explained in vol 6 of my pen and ink drawing workbook. Stones are finished using dots and ticks as explained in drawing stone tutorial. Techniques for finishing Sky are discussed in drawing Sky/Clouds tutorial.

I ended by adding more petal structure to foreground flowers to give them more visual appeal. Also adjusted the tone to give bit more contrast to the drawing. This completes this drawing.

Such pleasing quick drawings can be easily done from imagination anytime. By using different layout of flowers and different backdrop with different ground composition, you can attempt and capture the beauty of spring on paper. Spring trees can also be further added as mentioned earlier for even more effect. Try one today.

Happy Drawing,


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