How to Draw a Receding Landscape

In this post we will learn to quickly draw a receding landscape. By receding landscape, I mean a drawing where viewer’s eyes can travel from foreground all the way to distant horizon. This gives a nice sense of distance and depth to the drawing. By using different combination of elements very pleasing such receding landscapes can be easily drawn from imagination.

Vol 6 of my pen and ink drawing workbook series discusses drawing such landscapes in detail. Do check it out to learn the following steps in detail.

Step 1: Define the Ground

Start by giving definition of ground from foreground all the way to distant background. Notice how different ‘plain lines‘ are used below to define different plains comprising foreground to the background.

I will use coniferous trees as my main elements in this drawing. Next I add indication of coniferous trees. Ones closer to viewer are bigger in size. They become smaller as they go out to the distant background due to perspective.

Step 2: Texture Trees

Next the trees are textured. Drawing coniferous trees is discussed in detail in this tutorial and also here. Always start by drawing the foreground trees first.

Next add more trees behind. Make sure the reduction in size of trees with distance per perspective reinforces the feeling of distance and depth.

Add more trees to your liking. Keep the distribution asymmetrical to add viewing interest.

Step 3: Add Ground Contour and Other Elements

Next the ground has to be adorned. I start by adding wild flowers in the foreground. Drawing such flowers is discussed in this tutorial and also in this step by step post.

To further bring out the curved form of ground, contour lines can be added as shown below. This helps to bring out the form of the ground. This is further discussed in detail in vol 6 of my workbook.

Finish by adding flowers, grass, small shrubs etc. as shown below. Per perspective, again draw them smaller in size as they go out the distance. Sky can be added as well. This completes this drawing.

These steps are further discussed in detail in vol 6 of my pen and ink drawing workbook series. Once you understand and practice these steps to draw a receding landscape, you will be able to easily put together such a drawing from your imagination. Other elements like stones, mountains, hills etc. can also be easily added to give it more interest.

Hope you find this tutorial useful and inspiring. If so, do let me know. Share this with others who might like to try doing such drawings as well.

Happy Drawing,

Rahul Jain

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