How to Draw Landscapes with Wooden Posts

In this post I will discuss how to draw landscapes with wooden posts. Wooden posts are great compositional element to used in foreground and by combining wooden posts in foreground and middle ground with other elements in the background, very pleasing landscape can be easily done from imagination. You can find detail on drawing wooden posts in this FREE tutorial. They are covered further in depth in vol 1&2 of my pen and ink drawing workbooks.

Step 1: Layout and Texture Wooden Posts

Start by laying out wooden posts and texturing them as shown below. Their size and amount of foreground space in front of them will indicate their distance to the viewer. In the drawing below, their bigger size shows they are closer to the viewer compared to the second drawing below where are are smaller and perceived to be further away from viewer.

Step 2: Add Other Elements

Once posts are laid out, use other elements like stone, water and backdrop of distant trees, mountains etc to complete the landscape. Drawing these elements individually is discussed in detail in my free tutorials and also in my workbooks. Once you learn to draw these elements individually, you can easily combine them in such a landscape to create one from your imagination.

In this composition, the posts have stones behind them with water flowing in front of them. These are textured as shown below. You can find detail on texturing them in stone tutorial and water tutorial.

Next reflection is added to bring out the feel of water. A barbed wire is also added to give a feel of wooden fence.

Drawing is finished by adding a backdrop of distant receding pine trees and looming mountain. In another tutorial, I have discussed drawing receding landscapes. Once you learn techniques discussed in that tutorial, you can augment that composition by adding wooden posts in the foreground.

Following is another drawing where I have combined a receding landscape with posts and stones in the front. By changing the distribution of trees in a receding landscape and by using posts at different distance from the viewer and at different angles, such pleasing drawings can be easily done from imagination. Try one today.

Following is how the landscape is draw step by step.


This completes this tutorial on how to draw landscapes with wooden posts. Use the template to practice and draw one of your own. Feel free to reach out to me for any help or suggestion.

Happy Drawing,

Rahul Jain

Step by Step Drawing

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