How to Draw a Stream in Woods

This week I will show how to draw a stream flowing through woods. This is more involved drawing and requires texturing of stones, water and wooded setting. I will give overview of steps below, but for more detailed information on texturing of these elements, pl. consult linked tutorials. This drawing is not difficult but will require practice and patience to get it right. Use free template provided at the end to practice and enjoy bringing this landscape to life on paper.

Step 1: Draw Outline

Draw initial outline of stones as shown below. Layout of stones will depend on how you want water to flow through them. Use the template as a starting point. After some practice, you can draw your own stone configurations.

Step 2: Texture Stones

Texture stones by using parallel lines to give define their sides as shown below. This is discussed in detail in stone tutorial.

Drawing Stone

Use another set of parallel lines to create 3 tone variation to give more form to stones. Dots and ticks can be used on the top of stones and on sides to give them a rough feel. Click on the drawing to see details. This completes texturing of stones.

Step 3: Drawing Water

Falling water is indicated by use of few lines in the direction of flow. Use lines as shown below to indicate water flowing out. Consult water tutorial for in depth discussion on drawing water.

Add more water strokes to darken area around stones to give indication of reflection.

Make reflections sufficiently dark to bring out the desired feel.

Step 4: Draw Background

Texture trunks and background wooded setting to finish the drawing. Pl. consult drawing trunk tutorial to learn how to easily texture trunks. Background wooded setting can be finished in many ways. Here I have used parallel lines to create over all tone and then added additional texture to give feeling of background wooded setting. This dark background contrasts and highlights flowing water.

This completest this tutorial on drawing a stream flowing through woods. Many variations on this theme can be easily done from imagination once you get hang of it. Use the template to practice. Feel free to share this in your social media and to reach out for any help/suggestion.

Happy Drawing,


Step by Step Drawings

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